IDENTITY - Great Stories, Part 4

Over the past three weeks, Mike Gathright has defined these ideas as core elements of these great stories of life. However, each of these ideas is unique to all of us. We all find our hope, our meaning, and our satisfaction in uniquely different spaces. Right?

This week at the Gathering, Paul Knapp contemplated whether or not it is truly our uniqueness that defines our humanity, or is something even bigger, better, and more beautiful.


LIVING HOPE - Great Stories, Part 1

What makes a story great?  There has to be a challenge...some obstacle that stands between the main character and the goal. And the same is true for the story of our lives.  And God knows, there are plenty of challenges.

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright began a five week series exploring the five gifts Jesus and His Gospel of Grace offer us to meet the biggest obstacles we all must face for the story of our lives to be a great one. 


Most of us, when given the chance, would prefer the things in our life to be "known" rather than "unknown." We like to be sure-footed about our every move. But what if Jesus had a different idea? What if, maybe, he turned our unknowns into our biggest gifts? This week at The Gathering, we took a look at the surprising relationship between our ability to know and our ability to love. 


In the world we live in, with all that can and does go wrong - one of God's greatest gifts is the Saints Among Us!  Last week we honored a number of them and this Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright turned the discussion from celebrating the saints among us to inspiring the saints within us.  

(Due to technical difficulties the quality of this audio is poor. We apologize for this.)


A saint is a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness or likeness or closeness to God.  Could it be they are more prevalent than we realize - and more powerful than we've imagined?  

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright and Mike Koch will led us in recognizing and celebrating the "Saints Among Us."  


Love at first sight… It’s the dream, right? You see them from across the room… or you walk away from a job interview… or the credits roll on the latest social justice documentary… and it’s all you can think about! “How incredible would it be if I could? If we were able to? If I made that kind of impact?” but is that really love? Is that how it works? Can we just see something from a distance and in a moment commit our lives to it?

This week at the Gathering Paul Knapp will explored the mysteries of love, and what it truly could mean to love it.

THE LONG LONGING - Beyond Happiness, part 4

Beyond Happiness.  That is what we've been looking at this month. How to live in a way that is beyond happiness.

It certainly isn't easy.  There are no short cuts.  Yet, Jesus seems to continue to hold out this hope that there is a way to frame life, live life that can move us in this direction.

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright concluded this series by taking one more look at how Jesus lived and what He is inviting us in to.

GOOD & HAPPY - Beyond Happiness, part 3

We all want to be happy. Yet, statistics overwhelmingly show that Americans fall short of this goal. In a world where we have more money, comfort, and free-time than ever before, why are we as a society becoming less and less happy?

This Sunday at Storyline’s Gathering, Jill McNabnay continued our series of talks on “Beyond Happiness,” and will explore what does it take to make us happy. 

SPARKING JOY - Beyond Happiness, part 2

In an Instagram, Facebook, snap-twit world, the pressure is have yourself together, to always be at your best, succeed, win, shine and smile, to be happy.  It is an alluring goal but one that alludes most of us much of the time.

Last week we discovered Jesus lived an emotionally rich life, never scared of negative feelings, yet never giving in to living according to them.  This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright explored how He did that and what it might look like for us to live as Jesus did, beyond happiness.

HOW TO DEAL WITH HOW WE FEEL - Beyond Happiness, part 1

Life presents us with many ups and downs, problems and celebrations, regrets, disappointments and successes...all kinds of reasons to experience a variety of emotions.  What would life be like without feelings?  Flat, dry, bland - lifeless.  Yet, our emotions can present us with a real challenge as well - how do we deal with how we feel?  

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright began a new series - "Beyond Happiness" - by considering the ingenious way Jesus approached his emotions which both empowered and enriched his life.



In 2008 it would have cost a company 2.7 million dollars to purchase a 30-second advertisement during the super bowl. This year, just 11 years later, the price is doubled. For a measly 30 seconds, it will cost organizations 5.2 million dollars to tell the world why their product is the best. That is what 30 seconds of our time is worth...  But are we really paying attention?

This week at the gathering Paul Knapp and some fellow Storyliners parlayed some of the best commercials over their years with their story, and hopefully, uncovered the secret beauty behind the art of advertisement.