The average American is exposed to roughly 5,000 forms of marketing every single day. That's 5,000 times that we get to make a decision of whether or not we're going to "buy in." Often times we brush off ads and ignore them, but hidden inside commercials and advertisements are messages, whether intentional or not, that could change the way we live our lives.

Sunday at Storyline Paul Knapp and other Storyliners, shared their stories and just some of the ways that you can find meaning and purpose inside of the very advertisements were exposed to everyday. 

Commercial Sunday

On Superbowl Sunday over 100 million Americans watch the game, with a worldwide audience of about 1 BILLION!  It is a truly a worldwide spectacle...and an incredible opportunity to sell products to millions of customers.  Maybe that is why it costs $8 million dollars per minute to run a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Sunday at Storyline's Gathering - the commercials were absolutely free!  This was Storyline's 3rd annual "Commercial Sunday" where Storyliner's shared their favorite commercial and how it inspired them.