Have you ever felt like we live in a society where it’s easy to withdraw to separate ‘corners’ and point fingers at all that, and all those who are wrong in the world?  What if the answer was looking closer to home, looking within ourselves?

This Sunday Andrew Collins shared personal experiences that parallel a tragic, ancient story. Listen as he talked about what he continues to learn when challenged to look within. 


t seems as if every part of our world, from school to the internet and even religion, is designed to give us answers.  In fact, we live in the Age of Answers and yet...

This week at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright continued to look at the questions God asks us and what they can show us about ourselves, our lives and how to move forward even when answers elude us.  


At one point, every ritual and tradition was innovation!  A brand new way to express and experience something beyond explanation.  Over time, when we lose touch with the original intent, the spirit of the ritual fades and we either give them up or go through the motions.

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright explored how Jesus chose to innovate, reframe and recast the ritual baptism in way that plunged it right into the middle of real life.


Life is full of stories. Stories that inform, illuminate, inspire, entertain, and call us to action… and then there are the stories we tell ourselves. The stories we use to convince ourselves that “everything will be all right…” or “maybe it won’t.” But what if there was a bigger story. One that was for all of us. One that calls us into community and mission together.
This Father’s Day Paul Knapp explored the story that our Heavenly Father might be telling and what that could mean for us and our world.


It is graduation season and every commencement speech is another reminder that we are supposed to do something with our lives.  But have you ever wondered...why?  

Jesus showed up with a totally unique and extremely controversial view of what God wants from us and why.  This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright looked at how Jesus totally transformed what it means to do something with our lives.

IDENTITY - Great Stories, Part 4

Over the past three weeks, Mike Gathright has defined these ideas as core elements of these great stories of life. However, each of these ideas is unique to all of us. We all find our hope, our meaning, and our satisfaction in uniquely different spaces. Right?

This week at the Gathering, Paul Knapp contemplated whether or not it is truly our uniqueness that defines our humanity, or is something even bigger, better, and more beautiful.


LIVING HOPE - Great Stories, Part 1

What makes a story great?  There has to be a challenge...some obstacle that stands between the main character and the goal. And the same is true for the story of our lives.  And God knows, there are plenty of challenges.

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright began a five week series exploring the five gifts Jesus and His Gospel of Grace offer us to meet the biggest obstacles we all must face for the story of our lives to be a great one.