April 23rd, 2017

Every part of life has ways to celebrate and honor their high achievers; the All-Star Game, the Oscars, Mother's Day, The Dean's List, on and on it goes.  Even the church does this - declaring a select few spiritual giants as "Saints." There is nothing wrong with this, yet, especially when it comes to sainthood - it leaves the rest of us...where?

This Sunday morning at the Gathering, Mike Gathright will consider what a saint looks like and we'll hear from several people about the saints in their lives.  Do you have someone in your life that has been a saint for you?  Invite them to come this Sunday - it will be a great opportunity to share this moving experience with them.

Lindsay, Morgan and the band will perform songs by Adele, Nickel Creek, Ryan Adams and Bruce Cockburn.


 *** LOCATION ***
St. Joseph High School Auditorium

*** TIME ***
10:30 A.M.


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