MAY 20th, 2018

We know Beauty when we see it. It's in the smell of trees blooming during springtime, in the sunsets that kiss the horizon over Lake Michigan, or in the smile of a newborn baby. But those moments are fleeting... As soon as we try to capture and hold onto them they're gone. Yet, our soul aches for them to return. It would seem that there is something within all of us that draws towards the beautiful moments in life. 

For the past two weeks at the Gathering, Mike Gathright has explored the echoes of God the world, in our life, and in our hearts. And this Sunday, Paul Knapp will pick up where he left off. Together, we'll ponder the question. What is beauty? How do we find it? 

Mike Koch and the Band will play songs by Fleetwood Mac, Maggie Rodgers, Ryan Adams, and The Gospel Whiskey Runners

We hope to see you this Sunday morning at 10:30 at
St. Joe High School's auditorium.


TIME: 10:30AM



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