JUNE 23rd
At one point, every ritual and tradition was new...an innovation!  A brand new way to express and experience something beyond explanation.  Over time, when we lose touch with the original intent, the spirit of the ritual fades and we either give them up or go through the motions.

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright will explore how Jesus chose to innovate, reframe and recast the ritual baptism in a way that plunged it right into the middle of real life.

The band will perform songs by Tom Petty, Bob Seger,
Colin Hay, and Mindy Gledhill.

We hope to see you this Sunday* at 10:30 at St. Joe High School's auditorium.

*Please note: Immediately after the Gathering, we will have a brief informational meeting for individuals interested in participating in baptism or baby dedication.  If you have questions about this or would like to participate please email Jen Meyer at jen.meyer.storyline@gmail.com 
TIME: 10:30AM

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