BIBLE, Part 8 - Weak or Lovely

Maybe you have noticed - life is often a struggle.  What we've been we've been seeing this Fall in our exploration of Genesis is the bible doesn't deny this fact, it is inviting us to face it and move forward anyway.

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright concluded our series on Genesis by looking at a story that brings all of the stories before it together and sends us out into the future with hope.

BIBLE, Part 7 - Too Big to Fail

Too big to fail.  We all remember that promise.  How'd that work out?  The American banking system is not the first time mankind has misplaced our trust in something we created.

This Sunday morning at Storyline's Gathering, Mike Gathright explored an ancient story of misplaced trust and the devastating consequences of making any thing so big in in our life - it has to fail. 

BIBLE, Part 4 - Discovering the Future

Why me? What now? These are the questions real life generates all the time.  They are not easy questions and anyone offering easy answers just doesn't come off as credible.  How comforting to find that the bible speaks to these questions yet doesn't offer quick answers, rather, a way forward.  

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright continued our examination of Genesis and how God's story of the beginning takes our real questions seriously without answering them easily.

BIBLE, Part 2 - Presence, Purpose and People

Some things are so True they go beyond literally accurate or our ability to explain, describe or measure.  Truth like this stretches us into symbolism, metaphor, music, poetry and art. For too long the bible has been judged as either literally true in every detail or of no worth at all.  Maybe it is time to look at it like a great painting, to listen to it like a beautiful piece of music, to consider as an incredible work of art - could looking at it this way reveal things to us, about us and life and God, that are difficult to see otherwise?

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering, Mike Gathright continued our exploration of the bible as a source of grace, inspiration and hope.