In the film, Braveheart, Mel Gibson plays Willliam Wallace, the 13th century Scottish freedom fighter. In one scene Wallace tries to inspire his men before a battle with English army by asking them this question, "what will you do without freedom?" It is a good question - but an even better one may be, "what will you do WITH freedom?"

Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright continued our exploration of - Freedom.  What is it? And most importantly, what is freedom for?


It is graduation season.  Lots of young people graduating from high school and college... congratulations to all! The graduation ceremony is called a "commencement" - it means, to begin.  But to begin, what?

This Sunday at Storyline's Gathering Mike Gathright explored that question and the possibility that our answer may have more to do with how we see ourselves than it does how we see the world.


We used to live in a world that felt like a boating on a lake, it was peaceful and predictable, we could set our own course and see what was in front of us.  Nowadays it feels more like riding a raft through rapids on a river.  EVERYthing is changing all the time, we have little control and can't see what's around the next bend.  How can we find peace and purpose in the rapids of life?  This is the question Mike Gathright will considered Sunday at Storyline's Gathering.