GOOD & HAPPY - Beyond Happiness, part 3

We all want to be happy. Yet, statistics overwhelmingly show that Americans fall short of this goal. In a world where we have more money, comfort, and free-time than ever before, why are we as a society becoming less and less happy?

This Sunday at Storyline’s Gathering, Jill McNabnay continued our series of talks on “Beyond Happiness,” and will explore what does it take to make us happy. 


We all have comfort zones; these spaces that we create and attempt to live life within. These zones are spaces of certainty and satisfaction... they are filled with what we know, which is why they are comfortable to us. But what happens when the life of faith calls us to step out of comfort zone?

This week at the Gathering, Paul Knapp explore why it is that we create comfort zones and ponder why certainty and satisfaction may actually be taking us in the wrong direction.


We used to live in a world that felt like a boating on a lake, it was peaceful and predictable, we could set our own course and see what was in front of us.  Nowadays it feels more like riding a raft through rapids on a river.  EVERYthing is changing all the time, we have little control and can't see what's around the next bend.  How can we find peace and purpose in the rapids of life?  This is the question Mike Gathright will considered Sunday at Storyline's Gathering. 


Here we go, it's Labor Day Weekend and we all know what that means - it's time to go to WORK!  Summer is over, the Fall has arrived and with it, school, new commitments, crammed schedules and the hustle of real life.  Yikes!  How does this happen to us?
Jesus had a very unique approach to this - he said, "No."  He actually said it a lot.  He lived an incredibly full life, yet was never in a hurry or too busy.  How in the world did he do it?  WHY did He do it, that may be the better question. These are the questions Mike Gathright explored this Sunday at Storyline's Gathering.